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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Connecting to GG-Client Game

First of all, download GG Game CLient HERE
and then register HERE

Play Games on GGClient

Just take Counter-Strike 1.6 and Warcraft III: TFT for demonstration.
To play Warcraft III: TFT, you need to:
1. Log in GG platform, select a Warcraft III: TFT room according to your region and double click to enter.

2. Click set game path to set path to the executable file "war3.exe".

(If you are using a loader to start war3, you may set path to the loader file. After you press start game, you just need to click 'Yes' to run in compatible mode and follow the rest steps normailly. When you close game, you will need to press 'manually stop' button.)

3. Click "Start Game" button to launch WC3:TFT.

4. You need to enter "Local Area Network" instead of "", but you will have similar experience as playing on

5. Note if you cannot join the game or you got 'cannot connect to network' error, you may click 'setting', choose the 'enhanced mode' to try.

6. Just double click the game server listed in the Local Network Games to enter it. Or you can create your own game to let others find and join your server.

To play counter-strike 1.6, you need to:
1. Run GGclient.exe, fill in necessary information to log in platform.
2. On the left panel, it's a list of game rooms. Expand Counter-Strike 1.6, then double click one of the rooms to enter it.
3. Click "Set Game Path" button, the Client Setting window will pop out, choose Counter-Strike 1.6 and then click "Browse" or "Search" button to locate one of the files: "Steam.exe", "hl.exe", "cstrike.exe". If you use "hl.exe" to launch counter strike, please add parameter "-game cstrike" . Click "OK" to return to main window.
4. Click "Start Game" button.
If you are using steam.exe, please make sure your steam is not running before click this button. Then double click "Counter-Strike" in "Play games" window of steam to start cs.
5. Click "Find Servers" in the main menu of counter-strike, under "Lan" tab, click "Refresh" button 2 to 3 times to get the server list. Then double click the server you want to join. Or you can create your own game, others can find your server in the same way.

To play other games, the steps are quite similar as playing counter-strike and Warcraft III. The universal steps are:
1. Log in GG platform.
2. Enter one of the game room.
3. Set path to the executable file of that specific game.
4. Click "Start Game" button on the platform to launch the game.
5. Enter "LAN (Local Area Network)" section of that game to get the server list, or create your own game in LAN.
6. Double click the server that you want to join.



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